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Delete Domain

Taking into account the new regulations regarding the .ro domain names expiration, the registrants who are not interested in renewing the domain names, can choose not to pay the maintenance fee. In this case, the domain will be automatically deleted by ROTLD according to the latest news available at, home page, at Latest News.

If the domain registrant is a company, the letter must contain:

The domain deletion request according to this model;
- The company registration certificate (with the registration number);
- The ID copies of the legal representatives who signed the letter.

If the domain registrant is a person, the letter must contain:

The domain deletion request according to this model;
- The ID copy of the domain right of use owner.

After the ROTLD receives the documents, the domain will be scheduled for deletion in 60 days since the deletion request has been analyzed, accepted and processed, time in which the domain name is suspended and can not be used.
Only the domain registrant may request the deletion of the domain name. After the deletion, a domain name can be registered by other person according to the domain name registration 14th rule, "first come, first served".

* The online standard form will be filled in with all the necessary information, the security code will be introduced, followed by the generating of the requested standard form. After the download of the requested standard form, this must be printed and signed. For the acceptance of the request, please access the link at the end of the email message sent to you by RoTLD and upload the specified documents (scanned and signed request standard form, as well as the other requested documents, mentioned above).