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The registration is 51,26$+VAT(19%), one-time payment. There is no yearly fee at present.
When yearly fee will be introduced, you will be informed.

Payment can be done:

It is not ROTLD’s obligation to hold domain names lists for every domain registrant (individual or company). ROTLD can offer this list as a service to the domain names registrant and to a third party according to the Romanian laws and if the requester is a trademark owner. ROTLD assumes no responsibility if the resulted domain names list is incomplete in case that search criteria is incorrect.

The service price is:

    1-100 domain names owned 100 euro (+VAT); 
    101-200 domain names owned 200 euro (+VAT);
    201-300 domain names owned 300 euro (+VAT);
    ...and the price increase in algebraic progression.

ROTLD provides a list of .ro domain names attached to a name server for a fee after receiving a firm request.

The service price is:

    50 euro (+ VAT) - for domain names attached to a nameserver;
    25 euro (+ VAT) - for each additional nameserver.

ROTLD will block/unblock a .ro domain name for a fee after receiving a firm request from the domain name registrant only.

The service price is:

    100 euro (+ VAT) per .ro domain blocked;
    100 euro (+ VAT) per .ro domain unblocked.

ROTLD offers mediation service for a fee between the domain name(s) registrant and a third party after receiving a firm and written request. The request must be motivated.

The price is 200 euro (+ TVA) per meeting.

In order to obtain a .ro domain name history, the applicant must pay a fee of 100 euro (+VAT) per domain. The .ro domain history log will be transmitted to the domain name registrant only.